Sunday, July 26, 2009

First Week

"Goodbye menstrual cramps, period panties and chocolate cravings! Hello pregnancy cramps, preggy panties and even bigger chocolate cravings!"

Traveling from Philippines to Singapore and Singapore to Thailand!! It was a very tiring trip and I felt vomit all the time. It was very difficult because Me and your Daddy were in the bus. I spent my time sleeping so i can forget to vomit. I thought it was just nausea because we had long journey.
But I really suspected that you came around. OH!! You are Made in Philippines!!! It was our joke when I and your aunt Babeth talked about being preggy.
We arrived home safely and secure by God's grace. I felt so dizzy, and you make me hungry!!Daddy bought soupy stuff but i couldn't swallow it. I threw up. I guess you don't like the taste! It was TOMYAM KUNG!! it was spicy.
Well, not sure yet if i am preggy.